Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another project found!


Stash diving today looking for something to work on between now and January 1st – I really don’t want to start anything that is in my Challenge pile, and debating on starting another VS Heart – I found ~ WOO HOO ~ another of Jennifer Aikman-Smith’s Dragon Dream’s pieces titled “A Wizard’s Quilt”.  It is to die for adorable.  I searched the web for a snap of it in several places and couldn’t find any, but will scan the front of the pattern when my HunnyB gets our server working again.  My baby ‘puter, a netbook, has Window’s 7 and the software for our scanner isn’t compatible, so I have to scan to the main computer.  Don’t ask too much technical stuff of me~that is why I married HunnyB~to fix cars and computers and such.

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